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Feeling adventurous?

So much more...

Not just a place to stay and relax while you're visiting the beautiful African landscape, but also your resource for a whole range of fun, enjoyable,
outdoor activities for travellers, locals and families alike.

African Safari

Explore the Kruger National Park in all its splendour year-round with our flexible tour options through Kruger and More.

Day Tours

Explore the beauty that Africa has to offer as you embark on a tour to the Blyde River Canyon and the Bourke's Luck potholes.
Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide that will give you the rich history of these natural marvels.

Pony Rides

Allow your inner tranquillity to emerge as you experience the beauty of Africa on horseback and go off the beaten track to see views and sites that truly make memories to last a lifetime.

(PLEASE NOTE: 75kg maximum weight limit)

Hiking Trails

Bordering the local and accessible nature reserve, means that there are local hiking trails available for lovers of the outdoors of all fitness levels.


Unleash your wild side and get some adrenaline flowing with one of the highest zip-lines in the Mpumalanga province. Dare to be adventurous!


A haven in Nelspruit

A really nice, safe and calm place in Nelspruit. I stayed in a private room but as there weren't many people there, I would've even taken the dorms. It has a really nice pool with palm trees. It felt like home.